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3SIXTY Real Estate is an award-wining building & project consultancy that provides building surveying, architectural and property management services across the UK


What we did

Managing a client portfolio of energy contracts can be time consuming and expensive. 3SIXTY Real Estate delegated the procurement and account management of their essential business services to Unyfi, enabling their client base to benefit from preferential rates and market expertise. This also freed up time for their client accountant to spend on adding property value for their clients.



We accommodated concurrent end dates across the entirety of the client portfolio for ease of accounting. This allowed each individual client to benefit from the combined consumption of the portfolio. We applied our market expertise in contracting, as it is typically hard to place off-shore companies on the keenest rates with the most reliable suppliers.

what our customers say

Unyfi’s procurement expertise helped us to make a significant saving across our properties through aligning contract start and end dates. This has saved us not only money but a significant amount of time as the service is consolidated.

Rony Abraham - Client Accountant - 3SIXTY Real Estate

Property Management: 3SIXTY Real Estate
Property Management: 3SIXTY Real Estate
Property Management: 3SIXTY Real Estate

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