Why work with Unyfi

Cost-effective, cleaner waste management planning

We help businesses to find the best possible deal on waste services. To us, this means more than just sourcing the cheapest suppliers. This means supporting your business through each step in the procurement process to save you money, time and reduce your carbon footprint.

We hold relationships with suppliers to ensure collections are on time and waste streams are optimised. Through exclusive 30 day rolling contracts with suppliers, we ensure quick resolutions and exceptional levels of customer service.

30 day rolling contracts
Nationwide coverage
Transparent and fair pricing
Increase recycling rates

Find out how much you could save by switching your waste management supplier

Our specialisms

We work with national and regional waste management suppliers to create bespoke waste management plans that reduce cost and your carbon footprint.

General waste

Residual waste that cannot be recycled including: plastics, polythene and packaging 

Dry mixed recycling

Glass, paper, plastic and cardboard that is free from contaminants

Glass recycling

Mass glass recycling that will be crushed and repurposed into usable products

Confidential waste

Waste that involves personal information that can be used to identify individuals

Food recycling

Convert food waste into useful materials and products for achieving sustainability of the environment

Clinical waste

Waste produced from healthcare and similar activities that may pose a risk of infection

Sanitary waste

Feminine hygiene services for restrooms and clinical sites

How we work

We’re with you through every step of the journey and working with us brings a unique set of benefits at each stage in the service lifecycle.

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Unmatched expertise

Waste management consultancy

We’re experts in waste management procurement. This means getting the best possible waste services at the best possible prices for your business requirements. This isn’t always just finding the cheapest solution, but also sourcing the best solution. 


Ethical leaders

Market comparison & quote

Get exclusive rates through tailored waste contracts moulded to your business requirements. We pride ourselves on transparency, unbeatable savings and providing exceptional ongoing service to our customers.


One point of contact

We manage suppliers on your behalf

Unyfi becomes your point of contact for waste management services and for any other essential business services you run through us. We leverage supplier relationships and negotiate power for quicker resolutions, making sure you’ll never be stuck in a call centre queue again.

About Unyfi

A better way to source and manage business services

Running a business is hard work, but keeping a business running shouldn’t be. The way your essential business services are sourced and managed can have a significant impact on your running costs, environmental impact and your time. Handling this can be a frustrating process, and this is where we come in.

Unyfi exists to support your business through every step in the procurement process. This means finding the right suppliers, tailored plans and exclusive rates across multiple essential business services. We side with businesses, offering expertise to make procurement a better experience.

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why choose unyfi?

Save time

Remove the frustration of managing multiple suppliers

Save money

Have procurement specialists find you the best possible rates

Tailored plan

Mould services to your specific business requirements 

Sector expertise

Specialists that know how to get the best deal in your industry


Never wait in a call centre queue again

We helped inHope reduce their general waste whilst saving them £1,637

The award-winning inHope- Wild Goose Drop-in Centre provides free hot meals and hygiene facilities for people in extreme poverty.

How we helped

what our customers say

Unyfi’s procurement expertise helped us to make a significant saving across our properties through aligning contract start and end dates. This has saved us not only money but a significant amount of time as the service is consolidated.

Rony Abraham – Client Accountant – 3SIXTY Real Estate

We’ve worked with Unyfi for a number of years to reduce different cost areas. Throughout the process the expertise they’ve brought has resulted in numerous savings, some of which have had a substantial impact on our operating costs.

Ronald Hazell – Director – Ash Honda

Our new deal was great, reduced rates and massive savings. It was all very easy, working with a forward leaning and professional team was fantastic.

Thanks to Henry and the team. I would recommend you do the same!

Paul Barden – Director – Bloc Climbing

Before using Unyfi, our utility contracts had a variety of contract end dates, which led to an inefficient use of our time. Unyfi aligned all of our renewal dates, allowing us to focus more of our attention on other areas of the business

Jackie Gooding – Finance Manager – Cannon Care Homes

Working with Unyfi has made handling suppliers much easier. We’ve made significant savings and will continue to work with the Unyfi team when we require procurement expertise.

Ruth Nott – Finance & Operations Manager – InHope

We thought we would get a better deal by working direct with energy suppliers but this hasn’t been the case. Unyfi sourced a far better deal for us and we’ve made huge savings, also we’ve gone 100% renewable in the process

Simon Hopkins – Managing Director – Scott Associates

Working with Unyfi has made managing our energy, waste and merchant services much easier. We’ve gone from dealing with multiple unhelpful suppliers with different call centres, to one account manager who is always happy to help and is just a call away. The savings are big bonus too!

Helen Playne – Director – William’s Food Hall & Oyster Bar

Through working with Unyfi, we’ve changed the way we manage our energy contracts. Their expertise has resulted in significant reductions in cost, and saved us time and hassle pricing up the best supplier and cost options

Donna Bates – Relationship & Insight Director – Woven