inHope - Wild Goose drop-in centre

The award-winning Wild Goose Drop-in Centre provides free hot meals, shower facilities, clothing and toiletries four days and six nights a week for those in extreme poverty and need.


What we did

We first worked with inHope to reduce their waste expenditure at the Wild Goose Drop In Centre. When we reviewed their current waste management, we noticed that all food was going into general waste bins; this was resulting in frequent and costly general waste collections. To help reduce this cost, and also improve their environment impact, we procured a local food recycling supplier for the centre. Following this, inHope wanted to change to renewable energy suppliers to help further improve their environmental credentials. As they were currently tied into contracts, they thought switching to a new supplier would be too time consuming, however Unyfi handled the entire process from sourcing the new supplier, dealing with the previous supplier contract and organising the final switch.


The Results

In total, inHope have made a 23% annual saving on their waste management costs, as a result of a surge in the volume of recycling and decrease in general waste collections. Furthermore, inHope’s environmental credentials have greatly improved, with two of their key business services now aligned to the ethical ethos of the charity.   

what our customers say

Working with Unyfi has made handling suppliers much easier. We’ve made significant savings and will continue to work with the Unyfi team when we require procurement expertise.

Ruth Nott - Finance & Operations Manager - InHope

Charities: inHope
Charities: inHope
Charities: inHope

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